Newborn Baby Boy Crochet Hat & Booties Set


I love making crocheted gifts for others.  I made this hat and bootie set in newborn size for a friend of mine due next month.  The bootie pattern is from the designer Elizabeth Alan here at ($5.95).

The beanie pattern is from this website: .  This pattern is available for free, however I added a brim to the hat based on this pattern: .

These were crocheted in Martha Stewart’s wool blend yarn.  I purchased the buttons from Jo-Ann’s.

Hopefully the size works out and that these items get some use!



3 thoughts on “Newborn Baby Boy Crochet Hat & Booties Set

  1. Hi there! In the 2nd hat pattern you referenced for the brim, which row did you start on that pattern? In other words when did you stop the first pattern & start the 2nd? I’m guessing round 9 or 10 rounds on the first and then picked up at round 10 on the 2nd, is that right?

    Thank you!

    • I believe so. It’s been a couple years since I made these, but I’ll be making another soon, so I will post an update if for some reason I did something different than you stated above. Thanks for stopping by!

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