Sea Glass Jewelry Tutorial and Necklace

Sea Glass NecklaceI was so excited the other day when I found a small bag of sea glass I had collected when I was living in Hawaii. What a fun treasure! So I thought it was about time I made those little pieces of glass into something beautiful. Here is the completed sea glass necklace I made. I love the way it turned out!

Supplies for Sea Glass Necklace

To make the sea glass necklace I used nine pieces of white/clear sea glass varying in size, silver crafting wire (I think about 18 gauge), two different types of silver chain, 4 silver headpins, a hook and clasp, 10 white/grayish fresh water pearls, and 4 silver fire polished Czech glass beads.


First I wrapped all the sea glass with wire, making them into pendants. I used the wire for the pearls also. I used headpins for the glass beads. Then I spaced everything out evenly and attached them to the thick silver chain. The glass beads I attached to a small section of the thinner chain to hang in between the pearls and glass. Then I attached the thin chain and the hook and clasp to complete the necklace.

Here’s a picture tutorial for how to wrap sea glass:

wire wrap sea glass tutorial


3 thoughts on “Sea Glass Jewelry Tutorial and Necklace

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