Starburst Mirror

I love this mirror! I almost made it at a ladies craft night but the group decided to do something else, but I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I just loved the one I saw on the Love of Family and Home blog and pretty much followed the tutorial exactly, so I won’t go into details of how I made it. Go here if you want the tutorial:

She does a great job explaining and listing the supplies you’ll need. One note though- sanding the wood shims is really tedious and I would have used my power sander in hindsight. And yes I jazzed up my back layer of shims with some Martha Stewart fine silver glitter!

Starburst mirror

Dresser Refinishing

I decided to finally update an old (eye sore) dresser we have in our living room. It was given to us a few years ago and it’s been home to our DVD player and Wii since then but never looked very nice (not to mention the kids have had fun decorating it with stickers..). I had a lot of fun painting it and giving it a fresh face. First I sanded it all down with my orbital sander, and used Valspar paint from Lowes to do the teal color. I used a Martha Stewart stencil and white paint for the decals.ImageImage