Wall Picture Collage

After spending time revamping all those picture frames, along with collecting purchased ones, I put together this picture collage in my living room.


I used mainly family pics and then threw in some other fun treasures like the two inch ceramic tiles (at the top) and little blue and green frames with seashells glued on them (bottom middle). It worked great filling a large open space on an awkward wall.

Most of the smaller frames I used those 3M Command picture frame hanging strips. Those work great! You can make sure and get the pictures level and know they’ll stay there, plus you can pull them away from the wall and adjust them if you need to. It’s not such a bad deal if you use a 40% off coupon and buy a value size pack at Jo-Ann’s.


The finished wall collage.


Refinished Entryway Table

The weather finally turned warm enough for me to sand down and paint my entryway table. I’ve become somewhat obsessed with this royal blue/indigo color and couldn’t wait to bring a bright splash of it into my home! Image

Okay just ignore the trashy backyard! But you can see it was a yellowish off-white before.


I let my boys help paint the back side of it because they so love to paint; besides, it was fun to work on a project together with them. And no one will see the back anyway, which I finished with the final layer of paint. 🙂 It took about three layers of paint total.


The finished project! It now sits all lovely in the entryway and we use the baskets to hold shoes.