Crochet Flower Purse

Crochet Flower Purse

Crochet Flower Purse

So, I started this project months ago, like seven months ago, and it is just now finished! My sis really liked this handbag on etsy, so I looked for patterns and ideas to put something similar together. This bag is definitely one of a kind – I pulled ideas from here, there, and all over to make this bag. The “Blooming garden crochet bag” is very similar to what I used.

First, I crocheted 12 flower squares using cotton yarn with an H hook using various colors I had on hand, some Lily Sugar and Cream, some Hobby Lobby Love this cotton using this pattern. I only did one row around the flower rather than two. Then I crocheted 7 squares in taupe for the bottom and sides based on this pattern, and just did the first three rows. I joined the squares using the flat-braid joining method. After that, I single crocheted 4 rows around the top using a decrease on the sides. Then, I single crocheted over cord for the handles, designed and sewed in a custom fabric liner complete with magnetic clasp, and then finally DONE!!!


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