Crochet Cable Headband Earwarmer

Crochet Cable Earwarmer

Crochet Cable Earwarmer

I recently found a fun, new pattern for crochet earwarmers!

Crochet Cable Ear Warmer Pattern

It is a fairly simple pattern that works up quickly. I think the pattern should be considered advanced beginner or intermediate level. The only thing I did differently was omit a few rows since it was a little loose around my head. You can use any standard medium weight yarn. Acrylic is warm, but the cheaper yarns can be scratchy. Cotton is usually not scratchy, but it is not as warm. I used Red Heart Soft yarn – it is 100% acrylic but is not scratchy at all. These make great stocking stuffers, and they are perfect for the cold weather!

2 thoughts on “Crochet Cable Headband Earwarmer

  1. These would be so wonderful for me! I have cancer and the treatments make me bald! In the winter I darn near freeze! I will make this to help keep me warm! Maybe I will add a few rows to make it wider and sew it up in the back and wear it as a cap around home! Thank you!

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