Fairy Garden

I made this a while back and had so much fun! Fairy gardens are just adorable and you can really get creative on a mini scale.  I already had a couple whiskey barrels that had blueberry bushes in them, so that’s where I put my garden. You can make one pretty much wherever you want! I planted a couple ground covers behind the white fencing and I’ve since added a wishing well. Last time I was at Petsmart I realized that there are a lot of fun fish tank accessories that you could use in a fairy garden as well! This garden just needs a fairy visitor!



The little house came from Michaels, along with the flat marbles, mini toadstools, lantern, and fencing. My kids decided to throw in a sea urchin shell as well! The ground covers behind the fence are live and came from Lowes.


I made the fairy swing using large gauge craft wire, jewelry chain and small twigs I bound together with small gauge wire. Fairies will love using this delightful swing!


What would a fairy garden be without some gardening tools?!


A bright red lantern lights the front of the house and hangs among birds and toadstools.



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