DIY Mercury Glass

Do you have a bunch of those random vases or tea light candle holders lying around? I used to until my husband sold them all without me knowing at a garage sale last year! This is a great project if you want to spruce up some of those pieces. I ended up buying several from a local thrift shop for $7 to do this project.

To make mercury glass all you need is some glass vases/candle holders (you could really get creative with what you use), Krylon Looking Glass Spray ($12 at Michaels without a coupon), and a spray bottle with water. You can find step by step instructions at BHG HERE. The only thing I’d mention is don’t be afraid to really spray it with water, that way you get the large water marks in there. It took me an afternoon to finish them all, mostly because of the dry time in between spraying. I did four rounds of spraying all the glass pieces. So easy and fun!

mercury glass

Drying in between sprays.

mercury glass2

Close up of drying tea light candle holder after about three rounds of water and Looking Glass Spray-paint.

mercury glass3

Finished mercury glass candle holders.


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