Vertical Pallet Garden


DIY Garden Pallet


Anyone up for some Butter Crunch Lettuce?? Mmmmm

It’s Spring and I love to garden! It’s been a killer for me because we are renting right now (while we’re building a home on some acreage) so I have been very limited as to being able to modify this yard for gardening. I decided I just couldn’t go a whole season without a garden, so I gave in to the ever popular pallet craze and made a garden using a wooden pallet. I found a great tutorial at the Life on the Balcony blog HERE. And I also second the disclaimer that you should use pallets with caution and make sure they are heat treated, not chemical treated and don’t have any suspicious mold, paint, etc on them.

I had fun mixing some lettuce, herbs and fresh flowers in my garden. Mostly, I am so excited that I can pick this up and move it with us in a couple months! I had it flat on the ground for a couple weeks and just propped it up today- wanted to give the plants time to root better.

I will fully admit that I am TERRIBLE at taking pictures of the creative process most of the time. I seriously just get in to it and don’t want to stop until the project is done! I’m going to try and draw up some diagrams with instructions, hopefully I’ll do that sooner than later. Until then happy gardening!


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