Wood Pallet Headboard

imageIn our new home we have a guest room. Yay! We had some extra pallets from construction material from our house and decided to make a pallet headboard for the guest room bed. Here’s the finished headboard. It’s a queen size mattress. It’s about 62 inches wide (little more at top where the ledge overhangs) and 5 feet tall. We couldn’t go much taller since it sits against a wall with a tray ceiling.

Below you can see the starting frame of it. I just didn’t have it in me to get pictures of each stage as it was crazy hot outside while we were building and we had a couple mishaps that had to be redone! It really wasn’t too difficult to put together. You’d need a few 2x4s, a couple pallets, some nails, sand paper and that’s about it, besides the tools. I think it cost us less than $10 to make. 😀