Buckle Strap Sensory Toy

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything! We built a  custom home this year on some land and recently moved in, so it’s been nuts. But well worth it! I’m going to try and catch up some of those pictures soon too. In the mean time, here’s a quick fun project I did last week. I have two special needs kids who also have sensory needs. My youngest has become obsessed with buckles lately so I put together this little toy to occupy her. Plus I wanted something that didn’t scream “baby toy”. Buckle toy suppliesYou’ll need fabric, buckles (I bought a 5pack of paracord buckles at JoAnn’s), ribbon/trim (I used both), and thread.Fabric squaresFirst cut out two squares of fabric. These are roughly 5 inch squares. One is flannel and the other a crushed velvet. But both are machine washable!


Then cut your trim and ribbon and thread it through the buckle pieces. I used one yard of trim (cut into eight equal pieces) and about a 14 inch pieces of ribbon cut in half for one of the buckles. I also sewed the trim together right below the buckle to hold the sides together better. Pin straps in placeNext place all your buckles onto the right side of one of the fabric pieces where you want them. You’ll put coordinating buckle pieces opposite of each other. Pin them in place.imageThen pin the other piece of fabric on top, right sides together.Stitch around outsidesNext sew the pieces together, leaving about a two inch opening so you can turn it right side out. imageI also did a second stitch about an 1/8 inch around the outside to reinforce it. Then turn it right side out, I just kind of pulled out one buckle piece at a time.Sewing Last you’ll top stitch around the outside, making sure to turn in the fabric at the opening. imageThe finished buckle toy! You can really play around with this using different fabric, buckle sizes, etc.


And here she is enjoying her new toy. Sorry it’s kind of blurry- couldn’t get her to sit still! Haha


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