Delightfully Chunky Cowl


Just trying to get a feel for whether this pattern will have any interest. One side is “ribbed”  and the other side has a lovely texture. It is purple heather with a cream border on top and bottom. The main color is approximately 90 yards of super bulky yarn. And it takes a small amount of yarn for the borders (maybe 15 yards?).


I like the look of the cowl, but when I texted my sis a photo of the cowl (just lying flat and like a rectangle), the first thing she said is that it looks like Howard’s turtleneck from the Big Bang Theory. Not really the look I was going for.
It really is a very versatile and cute cowl. You can wear it with either side showing, and with the cream edge showing or not.

Delightfully Chunky Cowl Free Pattern (haven’t tested it yet):

With Q hook, ch 30, join to 1st ch with ss.

Row 1) ch 2 in same sp as ss, hdc in ea ch, join to 1st hdc.

Row 2) ch 2, camel hdc in 1st hdc and ea st across, join to 1st hdc.

Rows 3-10) repeat row 2.

Row 11) ch 1, sc in each st.

to be continued…


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