Marquee Holiday Sign


I am so excited about this most recent project of mine! I don’t know about you but I love all those holiday marquee signs that are ever popular right now. Only problem is they cost a fortune….even with 50% off coupons!

Well the other day I happened to go to the Dollar Tree and I found these little battery operated 10 LED Christmas light strands for, of course, $1 and thought I could totally make a sign with them! And I did. 😀

For or this project you’ll need the following:

Tools: Circular saw & chop saw (table saw would work fine too), cordless drill with 1/4 inch bit, nail gun, glue gun, and a paint brush

Supplies: Wood planks (I used old fencing I had on hand), sand paper, 3/4 inch nails for nail gun, LED light set, craft paint, Mod Podge, and glitter

First cut out the wood planks to your desired size. My sign ended up beingabout 11in x 10in. Next, using the nail gun, attach smaller planks on the back to secure the pieces together.

I don’t have a fancy cutting machine so I went old school and printed out the word “joy” in Microsoft word, cut it out and traced it onto the wood. Then I painted it in with white paint. After I painted it, I went over it with Modge Podge and sprinkled glitter on top.




Then I drilled ten holes around the perimeter of the sign using a 1/4 inch drill bit. Once the holes were drilled I put the lights in through the back. You’ll want to secure them in place with tape or hot glue.


And voila! That’s it. The only thing I needed to purchase for this was the lights and batteries, a total cost of about $1.50. Crazy!! Hope you enjoy this one, there’s plenty of room to get creative and play around with it.


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