Stone fireplace and wood beam mantel


Now that the holidays are over I’m finally finding some time to decorate our new home. It’s been so much fun already! So far I’ve been tackling little spaces at a time and this last week I focused on my fireplace mantel. One thing I recently discovered that I *love* are these little fairy lights. I put them in my lantern and the pictures really don’t do justice to the fun sparkle they add to the space. Check back soon for more house pictures!



4 thoughts on “Stone fireplace and wood beam mantel

    • There’s a couple ways to hang a floating mantel. Since we oversaw the fireplace being built, we placed a 2×4 piece of wood into the stonework during the mortaring process where we want to hang the mantel. That is what we drilled into, but you can also drill into the mortar itself. Once we decided where it would hang, we drilled holes for and placed six evenly spaced/level 8 inch lag bolts into the stone fireplace. We also drilled slightly larger corresponding holes 5 inches deep into the wood beam mantel. Then we put a strong apoxy resin into the mantel holes and fitted it onto the lag bolts. Once the mantel was fitted on there, we propped it up using some 2x4s we had on hand and let it sit for a full day before putting anything on it. I think the apoxy only needed 8 hours to cure but we wanted to be on the safe side. 🙂 I hope this helps! Wish I had gotten pictures of the process but sometimes I just get too into the work and don’t think about it… It really wasn’t too difficult and took maybe an hour.

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