Vinyl Decals using Angel Direct Vinyl


I recently purchased a 35 sheet pack of 6×12 inch vinyl from Angel Direct at a discount in exchange for my honest opinion, and wanted to share with ya’ll what I thought. It’s a fun pack with every color in the rainbow, with some duplicates of black and white. They are mostly glossy sheets but there’s a few matte ones in there as well. They cut well, they transfer well and the finished projects I did look great! I really enjoyed working with it.

The first one I made was a little bird on a branch silhouette that I placed directly on the glass of a picture frame. I got some old books from the library (our local one always has old books they’re getting rid of for a donation) and just put that in the background. I can change out that sheet anytime though which makes that a versatile decoration. I just love little birds and am getting rather excited about Spring. 🙂

The second one is J. R. R. Tolkien’s quote “Not all those who wander are lost” with a surfer silhouette. That one went on my son’s bed. And if you know him, you’ll know that that quote fits him 100%!


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