Twig Sunburst Mirror



We’ve got a small lake across the road from us, and last week I found a bunch of wood sticks  there that almost look like driftwood. I knew there was a project to be had! So after thinking about it for a while I decided to make another sunburst mirror. I previously made one with wood shims HERE. I just realized I called that one a starburst mirror- not really sure which is correct- sun or star!

Anyway, they are super easy to make and this one was no different.


First you’ll want to gather up a handful of twigs of varying sizes. I sorted mine because I wanted to layer starting with the longest twigs on bottom. Then all you need is a piece of thin wood and a mirror, and a hot glue gun. I used a 4in square piece of wood and a 3in mirror.


Then glue your mirror to the center of the piece of wood. If you’re going to put some type of hanging hardware on the back, I would definitely recommend putting that on before you glue the mirror. Learned this the hard way…. I don’t know what I was thinking hitting the back of a mirror with a hammer!


Then start spacing out your twigs, starting with the longest ones. Glue those down and then start with the next layer. Keep going until you’ve added all the twigs you want. I’d also recommend pulling off the glue gun strings as you go because they get to be a bit much and hard to get off in between twigs.


And there’s the finished mirror! Super simple and fun. This one is for my guest room, now I just need to make another one for the other side of the window.


Love my kitty! She was helping pose for the pictures. 🙂


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