Stitch Fix Review: I finally tried it…

Stitch Fix honest review, clothing prices, pros and cons, and referral policy.
Basics: You fill out an online profile survey (takes about 15 min), you select what date you would like a shipment, and for $20 a personal stylist will select five clothing and accessory items for you based on your style preferences from the survey and ship these to your home. The $20 will go towards purchasing an item should you so choose.

You’ll find posts all over the place about Stitch Fix. I actually heard about it over a year ago from my husband who mentioned that I may want to check it out. And then a few friends on Facebook recently posted about it. So, I decided to give a it a try. I figured even if I didn’t keep any of the clothes, I’d only be out $20.

Pros: it’s $20 for each shipment, the $20 will go towards your purchase should you choose to purchase any of the items, you’ll get 25% off your entire fix if you purchase all the items, they send you a style card showing you several ideas of how to incorporate each item into your wardrobe, you get to try on the items in your own home and see how they work with your current wardrobe, it’s a chance to potentially try some new clothing styles you may not have before considered, and you get to schedule how often (or how seldom) that you get a shipment.

Cons: there’s no guarantee that you’ll get something that you like, the lowest price article of clothing is somewhere around $48, you’ll be out $20 if you send all the items back, and you need to send your items back within 3 days or you will be charged.

I’m not your average clothes shopper; I have very specific things that I don’t want in clothing. I filled out the Stitch Fix profile (and selected “lowest price” for all the clothing categories) and left some very specific notes for the stylist. Here were some of my requests: only muted colors (no solid whites, blacks or brights), must have sleeves, and no see-through clothing.

Stitch Fix Style Card

Well, my first shock was at the prices. I am most definitely a bargain shopper, and I rarely spend more than $20 on an article of clothing. No, I don’t strictly shop second hand (which there’s nothing wrong if you do), but I watch sales and coupons for those products that I have my eye on to drop in price. And the lowest price item in my fix was $48. For a knit shirt. Really? And the jeans were $98. Woah. And they were the only thing in the fix that I was contemplating keeping (Level 99 skinny jeans in charcoal). Until I read the price.

Stitch Fix Clothing Price ListAs for the tops, I was sent a bright magenta blouse (loved the style but not the color), a knit henley with see-through lace sleeves, a tank tunic in a bright turquoise with see-through lace on the back, and a crochet kimono cardigan which was a nice color and style but I’d never pay $48 for a layering top piece of clothing. Big swing a miss.

I left honest feedback on their website, and I was offered a $20 credit on my next fix. Customer service is great, but I’m still on the fence about trying the service again.

Also, I am concerned about their referral bonuses. All over the internet you’ll see referral links for Stitch Fix. Anyone who signs up under someone else’s referral link still pays $20 for their first shipment. And that’s it, they get no benefit. However, the referrer gets $25 credit for each referee. I’ve already contacted Stitch Fix about offering referees some sort of bonus, for instance, giving the referee $10 credit toward their first fix, or even $5, just something! Otherwise, why would anyone want to sign up under someone else’e referral link? They replied saying that they would “consider” it.

UPDATE: If you sign up using this link and schedule your first fix to arrive by July 28th, then we each receive a $25 credit! 

Anyhow, here is my referral link (if I have helped you make a better informed decision and/or should you feel so inclined): , no pressure, though!


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