Ikea Tarva 3 Drawer Hack

Ikea Tarva 3 Drawer Hack

Unfortunately, I do not have any before photos, mainly because we did not  build the dresser in its entirety. Please see Ikea for a photo of the actual Tarva 3 drawer dresser, and here is a photo I took at the store.

We wanted two 3 drawer Tarva chests for nightstands. The main problem was that they are two tall for nightstands. I did some calculations, and decided to convert them to 2 drawer chests. I also really like the look of tapered legs instead of the clunky looking 2×2 Ikea legs.

My hubby cut the dresser sides with a miter saw and redrilled the holes to attach the dresser top. He also tapered the dresser legs. I got the idea for the tapered legs from this blog.

First, I sanded everywhere I planned on staining with 220 grit paper. Then, I used Varathane sun bleached wood stain applied with foam brushes. Next, I applied two coats of polyurethane in satin finish, and went up to five coats on the dresser top. Luckily the stuff dries fairly quickly. I did some light sanding after the first coat of polyurethane. Other than that, I just followed the directions on the can.

I used the original knobs (mainly because I didn’t want to fill in holes and redrill later), and I spray painted them metallic silver.

Someday I will actually decorate the room and put stuff on the dresser tops (like a lamp?), but today is not that day.

Tarva Hack

Tarva Hack (2)

One thought on “Ikea Tarva 3 Drawer Hack

  1. Wow. I’ve looked at literally dozens of Tarva dresser hacks and this is the best! I love the way the finish turned out. Thank you for posting this inspiration.

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