A Visit to Magnolia Market: Fixer Upper


We happened to be passing through Waco, TX recently and decided to make a last minute stop at The Magnolia Market, Chip & Joanna Gaine’s new shop at the Silos. Ever since I first saw Fixer Upper, I’ve been hooked- from Joann’s fresh style to their endearing family life, I just love it. I can’t tell you how excited I was for this short but wonderful detour! We ended up getting there on a Friday evening about thirty minutes before closing. The shop isn’t huge and I was able to get a quick walk through in that amount of time. But I could have easily spent an hour or more walking around looking at everything and touching it all. 🙂 I do this at Michael’s and Jo-Ann’s more often than I would like to admit…

I really think this is going to be an evolving store and destination. There were plenty of “Pardon our Progress” signs up around the property and you can tell that Chip and Joanna are putting their heart and soul into this lovely little spot of Waco. I would definitely go back again.


When you walk in, you’ll be greeted by Joanna’s signature style of farmhouse/contemporary/rustic…whatever else you want to call it displays throughout the store. Pretty much everything is for sale and you can tell that some items are a little bit more on the “one of a kind” side but a lot of it is mass produced. I found the prices to be comparable to Michael’s full sale prices or even Target decor prices. They really weren’t terribly horrible. But you can tell they get better profit margins on some items verses others, because some of the items with high prices were kind of random to me (like a mini wooden spoon for $8) and others more reasonable (like the $30 two foot tall colored glass jug/vase).

There were lots of fun finds in the shop, including things you would have seen Joanna use on their show. And I have to admit the little ceramic pig cardholders almost had me won over, even though I would have no need of them! Aren’t they cute?!


The synthetic flowers were just beautiful but they were also on the pricey side. That being said, they were very good quality and a lot of them were unique.


As you can see, the downstairs isn’t that huge of a space and is about as big as the upper level. However, there are still lots of fun things to go through and you can tell by their very large stocking area that there is room for growth and the ability to constantly offer new items. And yes, that goofy faced child in front belongs to me! I don’t think he quite understood why this store was just so dang amazing to me. Haha!

The kids were much more interested in going outside and enjoying the awesome play area. There is a huge artificial lawn outside of the store, complete with balls to play with, large Jenga blocks, bean bag chairs to rest on, and wooden swings. It’s quite the fun area and my kids really enjoyed it. Not to mention, there’s at least five or so permanent food trucks out behind the picnic eating area if you get hungry. I’m thinking they’re open when the store is open because they had all already closed up by the time we made it over there. But seriously, this set up is genius- mommy went inside and shopped/drooled, while daddy stayed outside and played with the kids.  Talk about a win win!


Me and little miss did have fun on the swings! Only downside was it had rained a lot in the last week, so there were big muddy puddles under all of them. I think they could use some better drainage in the outside area, but at least the turf wasn’t too wet. And no, I’m not dressed up at all for picture taking. That’s what happens when you’ve been in the car for hours…but who am I joking? The only time I really get presentable is on Sundays for church. 😉

The outside area also had this really cute garden spot, full of fresh vegetables, herbs, flowers and a few fairy gardens. There is also a Seed Exchange Shop next to it, but it wasn’t open yet.


I did manage to get a sneak peek inside through the glass doors. This is a small shop, like the size of a rectangular garage. But it looks adorable and will surely be a popular addition to their business.


I couldn’t leave without a few trinkets and ended up going home with these unique glass votive candle holders and a vase complete with a few flowers. I’m excited to find a place for them! I hope you get a chance to check out The Magnolia Market, it’s fun unique treat.


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