Vintage Window & Grapevine Wreath



A couple months ago I went to a local flea market and got an old window frame. I knew I wanted to use it in my master bedroom but wasn’t quite sure how. After perusing Pinterest  for a while I decided to hang it above my bed with a wreath in the middle. I also got the idea for the wording/ design for the side frames off Pinterest. Oh Pinterest….!


The window started out this rather ugly green on one side and a dirty white on the other. I cleaned it up, painted it white and distressed it. Then I attached hanging hardware on the back.

For the wreath I bought a 16in grapevine wreath at Jo-Ann’s and bought greenery garland at Michael’s and weaved it through the vines. I used a couple clear Command hanging hooks to hang it on the glass of the window.


I really love the way it turned out! I might add a monogram or something to it down the road but for now I’m happy with it.

I picked up those side frames on clearance at Michael’s and painted and distressed them. To finish them, I put some scrapbook paper in the frame, cut my vinyl out and adhered it to the glass of the frame. It just makes me smile waking up to this every morning. 😊


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