Dish Scrubbies with Red Heart Scrubby Yarn

Here are some more dish scrubbies that I have been working on. I got some of the Red Heart Scrubby yarn on clearance a while back, and I just recently got around to trying out some patterns.

I first tried the Scalloped Edge pattern from Red Heart’s website.

Red Heart Scrubbies-2 patterns

The dish scrubby from Red Heart’s website (left in the photo) came out a little thin and with too much drape (kind of floppy and too loose of a weave). So I made up a pattern (shown on the right), which I’ll write up later, that has a tighter weave and has nice scrubby pattern on the backside.


For the final dish scrubby in this post, I made up a pineapple pattern for my mother-in-law. She loves all things pineapple, so I figured, excellent – I get to figure out how to make a pineapple dish scrubby! First I checked pinterest, but I didn’t like any of the patterns I tried (I tried and pulled out at least four different patterns). So I came up with my own! Red Heart Scrubby yarn comes in polyester, cotton, and sparkle varieties. I was mainly concerned with color, so the yellow happens to be cotton, and the green top is polyester.

Dish scrubbies part 1

Happy crocheting!

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